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  • 《战狼2》刷新中国影史票房纪录
    Domestic action film Wolf Warrior 2 topped the box office in an unprecedented number, grossing 3.4 billion yuan (roughly $506 million) in just 13 days.国产动作片《战狼2》以前所未有的成绩登顶票房榜榜首,在短短的13天内,就将34亿人民币(约合5.0
    08-09 栏目:英语时事
  • 肯德基疯了……卖2万美元的陨石……
    The fried chicken chain KFC has launched a new online merchandise shop. With items starting at $8, the debut collection includes KFC- and Colonel Sanders-inspired T-shirts, enamel pins, framed artwork, and more.炸鸡连锁店肯德基开了一家新的
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 华盛顿的高端保安机器人,把自己淹死了……
    I’m sorry to inform you that perhaps some robots are taking this whole “be more human” thing a bit too far. I’ve seen people make jokes about jumping into a river or out of a window when they feel distressed, but one DC-based security r
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 顾客想帮流浪汉买吃的,却被Costa咖啡阻止
    A customer has been barred from buying a sandwich and a soft drink for a homeless man by a Coffee Costa barista.最近,一位顾客想在咖世家咖啡帮一位无家可归的人购买一份三明治和一杯软饮料,但却被咖啡师阻止了。Adrian Pinsent attempted to buy fo
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • PC销量创10年最低,个人电脑的时代结束了
    PC shipments are at the lowest levels since 2007.今年个人电脑出货量达到自2007年以来的最低点。Gartner said this week that the PC market declined 4.3 percent during the second quarter.本周调查公司Gartner表示,个人电脑市场在第二季度下滑了4.3
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 亚马逊推出社交APP,疑似完全抄袭微信
    Amazon’s Anytime messaging app could be the West’s answer to WeChat亚马逊试水社交app,意做西方“微信”Amazon is aiming to move in on the turf of Apple and others with a new all-in-one messaging app called Anytime.继苹果及其他公司相继推出
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 亚马逊推出社交app,模式酷似小红书
    Amazon’s latest feature in its mobile app, Amazon Spark, is a scrollable and shoppable vertical feed of photos with captions, all uploaded by other users. 亚马逊最新推出的Amazon Spark是一款垂直滚动视图、可购物的手机app,由用户配文字上传图
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 阿里巴巴未能打入世界500强,京东却进了?
    Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent all miss out on Fortune’s Global 500 list 阿里巴巴、腾讯未能打入世界500强Fortune magazine’s yearly global 500 list came out on Wednesday, and for the Chinese tech industry, the results are a little surprisi
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 什么?比伯取消世界巡回演唱,原因是太累了
    Justin Bieber announced on Monday that he has decided to cancel the remainder of his Purpose World Tour dates due to “unforeseen circumstances.” So what exactly could have led him to do so?星期一贾斯汀·比伯宣布,因为“始料不及的原因
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • Quora精选:中国人如何看待西方的茶?
    Do Chinese people like American tea?中国人喜欢美国的茶吗? 来自大陆人 Cheng Cheng 的回答:I presume American tea it’s the kind of tea that:我猜你说的“美国茶”指的是那种:may or may not come in form of a tea bag, most likely shredded;可
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 王思聪的狗同名淘宝店铺,收入可观!
    China’s Highest Earning Dog Inspires Online Shop王可可进军电商领域The pet dog of Chinese richest son, Wang Sicong, called Wang Ke Ke, who was made famous by wearing luxury items like a Fendi bag and an iPhone smartwatch, has now become “
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 学一门新语言能改变大脑,让你变得更聪明
    LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE MAKES YOU SMARTER学一门新语言会让你变得更聪明The Benefits of Bilingualism:会两门语言的好处:Outside of the obvious travel and social aspects of language learning, we also change our brain in numerous ways.学习一门语
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 小贝大儿子的新纹身,让老外一脸懵X...
    Brooklyn Beckham shows off new 'Made in England' tattoo and everyone is very confused布鲁克林·贝克汉姆的炫耀新纹身“英国制造”,弄懵了所有人The 18-year-old aspiring photographer debuted the 'Made in England' ink - etched on the side of his
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 你见过可以自己折叠的房子吗?
    We love a good transportable prefab that can be upped and moved, but a building that builds itself at the touch of a button? Now that’s something else all together.没有人不喜欢结实又可移动的房屋,但是如果是一个按下按钮就能自动建造起来的
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 2024年夏季奥运会有望在巴黎举办
    Los Angeles will host the 2028 Summer Olympics after reaching a deal with Olympic organizers, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday, citing an unnamed source close to the negotiation.洛杉矶时报于星期一报道,一位未透露姓名的知情人士表示,
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • HBO遭黑客袭击,《权利的游戏7》剧本疑泄露
    ‘Game Of Thrones’ Content Leaks Online After HBO Is Hacked《权利的游戏7》剧本遭泄露According to HBO, the network experienced a major cyber attack recently, which allegedly resulted in leaked content from their top series, “Game of Thro
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 任职64年,96年的菲利普亲王终于退休!
    Prince Philip's final official engagement was hailed as "historic" by a Royal Marine - 64 years after the Duke of Edinburgh began his service to the British public.自菲利普亲王受封爱丁堡公爵以来,为英国民众服务了64年,皇家海军陆战队(Royal
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 英国皇室招募高级联络官,看看你符合条件吗
    Kensington Palace is hiring a new Senior Communications Officer to manage the daily flow of traditional, digital, and social media surrounding the young royal family, RealSimple reports. 据RealSimple 报道,肯辛顿宫正在招募一位高级联络官,应
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 你的午休时间怎么过?
    Lunch breaks are essential for office workers, since we all need to *recharge our batteries for our minds to function at their best. And more importantly, it’s the part of the day where we can enjoy some time to ourselves.午休时间对职场人
    08-08 栏目:英语时事
  • 中国游泳世锦赛喜报频传
    Olympic champion Sun Yang of China won his first title in men`s 200m freestyle at the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest on Tuesday, while another Chinese swimmer Xu Jiayu claimed the champion of the men`s 100m backstroke, the first
    08-03 栏目:英语时事
  • 《中国有嘻哈》:解说中国说唱的地下江湖
    "Do you have freestyle?"“你有freestyle吗?”That`s the buzz word in China these days. The catchphrase came from “The Rap of China”, the country’s first talent show that centers on hip-hop artists, many of them previously underground.Fre
    08-01 栏目:英语时事
  • 95后的世界你懂吗?
    It’s believed that the current generation of young people will shape the future of the country. But how is it different from previous generations?人们相信,如今的年轻一代将会塑造这个国家的未来。但他们和先前的几代人究竟有多不同呢?To try an
    08-01 栏目:英语时事
  • 经典英剧《神秘博士》迎来首位女博士
    The next star of Doctor Who has been announced after intense speculation – and the person stepping into the role of Time Lord is Jodie Whittaker.经过一番激烈的猜测后,下一位即将出演《神秘博士》的明星已经揭晓 —— 接过“时间领主”这一角色的
    08-01 栏目:英语时事
  • “童心未泯的一代”崛起
    It used to be a matter of fact when Peter Pan – a character from James Matthew Barrie’s 1911 book – said: “All children, except one, grow up.”在詹姆斯·马修·巴里1911年所创作的《彼得·潘》一书中,主人公彼得·潘曾说道:“所有的孩子都要
    08-01 栏目:英语时事
  • 自拍照也是艺术品?
    When you’re out with a friend and take a photo of yourselves, do you know that you are also creating a work of art? Or that you are competing with Vincent van Gogh himself? Probably not. Your idea might be to show off your selfie on WeChat
    07-18 栏目:英语时事
  • 现在,老外来中国工作算是“镀金”
    去年的今天,在国际职场界发生了一件里程碑意义的事件:零售巨头沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)做出了一项前所未有的人事调整,他们把中国区的CEO肖恩·克拉克(Sean Clarke)调整到总部,任命为管理国际事务的CEO。(Sean Clarke)要知道,在以前,这些国际巨头公司眼中
    07-15 栏目:英语时事
  • 淘宝造物节好热闹,神奇的创新公司层出不穷
    YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS STEP UP AT TAOBAO MAKER FESTIVAL淘宝造物节好热闹,新奇想法层出不穷Alibaba Group kicked off its second annual Taobao Maker Festival this weekend, spotlighting the young entrepreneurs that have become a prominent and eve
    07-15 栏目:英语时事
  • Quora精选:心理学上,人为何会有色彩偏好
    What is the psychology behind someone's favorite color?从心理学上讲,我们为什么有最喜欢的颜色?来自心理学学生 @David Lincoln Brooks 的回答:1. Race种族Art teacher and color theorist Josef Albers once conducted an experiment with his student
    07-15 栏目:英语时事
  • 歪果仁吐槽:在中国长大是种怎样的体验?
    1. When you were hungry and craving a snack.1. 当你饿了、强烈地渴望零食果腹的时候。(见头图)#GrowingUpAsian this container was filled with damn sewing supplies and no cookies. -- Gabrielle Jahromi (@heregoesmyGabie)这个容器里装满了缝纫用
    07-15 栏目:英语时事
  • 孙俪爆出与马云的网络友谊,原来是女企业家
    Movado brand ambassador and International Emmy nominee Sun Li revealed on Monday during a women and entrepreneurship conference that she and Jack Ma have been “online friends” for more than 4 years. The two met in person for the first tim
    07-15 栏目:英语时事
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